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2013, Merlin the Game, Колин записывает голос

Colin Morgan

We wanted to share this teaser clip with you. Here's Colin Morgan recording some voices for the game - released later this year! Tell EVERYONE -it's too good not to share!

Нам захотелось поделиться этим клипом. В нем Колин Морган записывает голос для игры, которая будет выпущена позже в этом году. Расскажите всем — это слишком прекрасно, чтобы не поделиться.

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2012, Merlin the Game, Колин

Merlin The Game:
You're all too good at this game! So - the other week we met with Colin Morgan to >!!BOSSA TOP SECRET FILTER ACTIVATED!!<. So now you know. No more secrets!

Imre Jele:
Awesome day of working with Colin Morgan earlier this month. ow.ly/i/1aCWg

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2012, Merlin the Game, Колин за игрой

~R.R.~ [DELETED user]
Merlin The Game Merlin The Game Merlin The Game

Do you recognise who is playing #Merlin right now? ;) pic.twitter.com/eGPqNi02

Here's one a little closer up - in case you didn't guess! #Merlin pic.twitter.com/kh6ukH3L

Merlin The Game:
Hey Merlin fans! Do you know who's in the picture, playing Merlin: The Game? Click 'like' if you know who it is!

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